<p>This documentary is a playlist of short excerpts from Sexuality the Documentary and gives the opportunity to get a reasonable glimpse of the content of the full documentary film which can actually be bought as a DVD.</p> <p>the content addresses the following but is not limited to these sections:</p> <ul> <li>Bisexuality &ndash; some of the issues surrounding being interested in both genders.</li> <li>Lesbianism &ndash; coming out as a gay woman explored</li> <li>Sadomasochism &ndash; brief look at the world of fantasy and playacting</li> <li>Female to Male (FTM) &ndash; born as one gender and finding you are oriented to the other sex</li> <li>Hermaphrodite &ndash; Man or a woman&hellip;.or both?</li> <li>Swingers at 70 yrs old &ndash; candid look at swinging at an older age&hellip;how solid must your marriage be to allow this to happen?</li> </ul> <p>There are a few other sections but of course because we dont wish to show the explicit sexual content then this will be reserved for the DVD.</p>